Arctic animal hunting in 2020

Arctic animal hunting in 2020

22.01.2020 2 Автор NKIR
Hunters butcher a walrus caught in the Chukchi sea at the base on Cape Akkani. Ilya Pitalev/RIA Novosti

Chukotka is the only place in Russia where the marine animals hunting is allowed. Hunting walruses and beluga whales is allowed only to the Chukotka indigenous peoples as part of maintaining the traditional way of life. Unfortunately, the walruses population decreased in 2019, so the quota for this year will be less for indigenous people-1104 walruses.

Photo : Anton Chernetskiy, IO RAS / Solovetsky Beluga whale

Beluga whales can be hunted only 35. Hunting for them is carried out in the traditional way and is only possible when the ice approaches the shore. They hunt Beluga whales either from the shore or from leather kayaks, and this is very difficult. In general, in Chukotka, 70% -80% of quotas for the marine animals hunting are used every year. Every year, quotas are submitted to public hearings. There were such hearings in 2020, on January 17. It was on them that quotas for the marine mammals hunting were approved.

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Hunting Arctic animals to support indigenous peoples is allowed not only in Russia. For example, in Alaska, polar bear hunting is allowed. The quota is accepted jointly by Chukotka and Alaska representatives, but in Russia hunting for an endangered polar bear is prohibited, so in Chukotka, indigenous people do not use a quota for polar bear hunting.