Life in the Russian Arctic as a voluntary Imprisonment

Life in the Russian Arctic as a voluntary Imprisonment

05.11.2021 0 Автор NKIR

For several weeks I have been watching how the Chukotka government is trying to catch up with the Northern Delivery. Northern Delivery is the delivery of goods necessary for the region by sea. And here are food, goods, construction materials and equipment. The crisis has reached the point that there is no baby food left in the shops of remote Chukchi villages. Chukotka residents have created a petition to Russian President Putin V.V. The petition has collected 41,500 signatures. At the same time, about 50,000 people live in Chukotka, i.e. almost all adult region residents signed the petition.

Now the problem of Northern Delivery is under the Governor control and the government promises to catch up. However, there are complaints about the food quality. Some of the products, being in containers on ships, froze over. And what is delivered by planes is sold at very high prices. Chukotka Deputy Governor Viktor Bochkarev made a proposal at a round table in the Russian Federation Federal Assembly Federation Council . Viktor Bochkarev proposed to organize unified logistics centers and build new ships for Northern Delivery with the participation of federal structures.

On the other hand, the problems with the Pevek transport accessibility have worsened. Pevek-one of the three cities in Chukotka. Several flights were canceled. Shift workers and city residents are «stuck» in Pevek and at transfer points. The Chukchi authorities took people to the Chukotka capital- nadyr, and transported them in batches to Pevek.

Problems with transport accessibility and food availability will not remain without consequences. Some Chukotka residents will leave the Arctic. And those who were going to come to the Arctic to work may change their minds. Yes, the Russian Arctic needs new qualified personnel. But for now, moving there is more like a voluntary imprisonment.