Norilsk Nickel is preparing a new environmental disaster. Rosprirodnadzor found the violations after tanks inspection conducted by Norilsk Nickel

14.08.2020 0 Автор NKIR

At the end of July, along with Norilsk Nickel’s optimistic report that all contaminated water from the Ambarnaya river and all contaminated soil at the fuel spill site were collected, the company announced that it had tested other fuel tanks at all three of its thermal power plant.

«We have not identified anything dangerous. We believe that the measures set that we have developed as a surveys result will be sufficient to ensure safe operation in the future,» said Sergey Dyachenko, NorNickel’s chief operating officer.

And yesterday it became known that Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources management conducted an unscheduled inspection of Norilsk transgaz, the Norilsk Nickel subsidiary, and found a number of violations that violate environmental standards. Among them are a dump near a reservoir, dents on the tanks bottom and the tanks bases destruction. (Again, the objects bases destruction. Let me remind you that last time this led to the spilling of the diesel fuel 21 thousand tons from the tank). In addition to dents on the tanks bottoms, experts found pipelines deformation — they were sagging and «unsupported to the building structures» reports

However, judging by Norilsk Nickel’s report that there are no problems with other reservoirs, the company is not going to do anything to prevent a new environmental disaster, which after the accident at Thermal Power Plant-3 will finish off what is still alive after the disaster with the spill of diesel fuel 21 thousand tons.