Rescue service exercises in the Russian Arctic

Rescue service exercises in the Russian Arctic

10.09.2021 0 Автор NKIR

Unfortunately, we will have to start with the fact that during the rescue exercises, the Emergency Situations Ministry head Yevgeny Zinichev died. He died near Norilsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory). The exercises were held on September 7 and 8 in 7 Russian Arctic regions. The exercises began to be prepared at least in February 2021. 6,000 Russian rescuers took part in the exercises. In addition, there were 50 foreign delegates from 20 countries. Among them were representatives from Finland, Denmark, the USA, Canada and Norway.

In the Arkhangelsk region, rescuers trained to extinguish an oil tanker. In addition, rescuers worked out the elimination of an oil spill from a tanker. A training session for rescuing people from a sinking sea liner was held in the Murmansk Region. In the Nenets District, training was conducted to localize the anthrax focus. This is very important, given the warming in the Arctic.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory new technologies were tested for Russian rescuers. For example, the fast-hardening foam and laser cutting. In addition, a mobile hospital was deployed in Norilsk to train epidemic protection. In Vorkuta (Komi), rescuers trained to eliminate an accident at a coal mine. In Yakutia, Tiksi practiced extinguishing a natural fire. And helping with an emergency landing of an aircraft. In Chukotka, extinguishing a fire at a floating nuclear thermal power plant (NPP) Academician Lomonosov.

It would be good if such exercises were held at least once a year, including in winter, when it is very cold in the Arctic. And also in spring and autumn, when there is a thaw in many regions and it is very difficult to drive heavy machinery. In addition, the situations worked out at the past exercises are not all possible disasters scenarios that can occur in the Russian Arctic.