The Polar Bear Universe conference 3rd day. Prohibition of hunting polar bears.

The Polar Bear Universe conference 3rd day. Prohibition of hunting polar bears.

30.09.2021 0 Автор NKIR

That’s the end of the international conference «The Polar Bear Universe». The ZOOM conference lasted 3 days. Today, taking into account the 8 hours time difference, I managed to catch only 2 final performances. Denis Litovka, Candidate of Biological Sciences and advisor to the Governor of Chukotka on science. He spoke about the rare Chukotka animals. And he stressed that he is not an expert on polar bears, but told us about whales and other mammals.

By the way, only in Chukotka is indigenous people hunting for marine animals (walruses and belugas) allowed. In addition, quotas for shooting polar bears are accepted annually for Alaska and Chukotka. The quota is used in Alaska, in Russia it is not. In 2019, the Alaska and Chukotka indigenous people were allowed to kill 85 polar bears. But it was assumed that the entire quota was used by residents of Alaska. The polar bears killing was banned in Russia. This summer, Greenpeace and animal rights activists opposed the new hunting law. Perhaps the new Hunting Law (No. 455) will allow hunting animals of rare, endangered species.

The Russian Natural Resources Ministry promises that the new law will not allow such hunting. WWF did not see the danger in the new hunting law. Yesterday, one of the conference speakers, said that hunting a polar bear is out of the question. But will quotas for shooting polar bears be discussed this year? The conference The Polar Bear Universe participants could not answer this.

Alexey Yakovlev spoke in conclusion. Alexey heads the Natural Resources and Ecology Committee in Chukotka. The Chukotka administration was the The Polar Bear Universe organizer. Alexey reported two joyful news:

  • Overexposure for polar bears will be arranged in the villages of Ryrkaypiy and Billings;
  • A new aerial survey of polar bears in Chukotka is being prepared.

I hope, nevertheless, to see the conference video and its program. And also I hope to write something interesting for my readers.